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Historians React to the Napoleon Trailer – Waterloo Association Podcast   In this special episode of the Waterloo Association podcast, Membership Secretary Owen Davis, is joined by Paul Brunyee and John Morewood to discuss the latest trailer for the upcoming film Napoleon. Paul is the editor of the Waterloo Journal and has a particular interest […]
Napoleon: Trailer First Thoughts       The first trailer for the upcoming film Napoleon has just been released. Please follow this link to our sister site, The Napoleon Series to read a review from a more historical perspective. Hopefully this film will be an inspiration for many more people to learn the story of this […]
by J. David Markham, FINS When one thinks of prisoners of war, soldiers and sailors usually come to mind. One rather different type of ‘prisoner’ during the Napoleonic period, however, consisted of British citizens who found themselves in France when the Peace of Amiens broke down in May of 1803. Those who found themselves trapped […]
A VISITOR TO DEVON by Dr Hugh Wills At Sea in Plymouth Sound One careless word from Midshipman Home was all it took, and a gaggle of twenty white-frocked Brixham girls headed for the quayside. They mobbed the shore party and had to be man-handled out of the ship’s cutter, probably with some degree of […]