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Re-enacting is a hobby that allows people to get involved with history. There are as many reasons that people get involved as there are re-enactors. Some enjoy the camaraderie, the camping, traveling to different events in the UK and abroad, and also developing the authenticity of their impression. Some go to great lengths to research in detail various aspects of life during the period including: the kit, drill, weaponry, food and social norms that existed in both military and civilian domains. Events range from small ‘living history’ displays, drill displays involving a number of units working together, to large scale battles involving thousands of re-enactors from all over the world.

Every unit has its own emphasis and it is a good idea to explore the websites listed and then go on a trial day with a unit before making a commitment. It can be expensive; and a good sense of humour and a willingness to accommodate the needs of others is essential. But great fun and a wonderful adventure await any who take the King’s shilling!

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