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Napoleon Series

Napoleon Series

The Waterloo Association presents the Napoleon Series website

For over two decades Bob Burnham and his team have developed and expanded The Napoleon Series to the important and significant research source that it is today with over 20,000 informative and interesting articles. The Waterloo Association is pleased and honoured to be able to take over the management of this website and continue to develop it for historians worldwide. Your support of the Waterloo Association ensures that this valuable resource will be available for the years to come.

It is not our intention to change the general format of the site, or to change how contributors submit articles or how historians access the vast amount of material available. We will continue to encourage submission of articles covering the period from the French Revolution through to the end of the Napoleonic Wars, including biographies of the men and women involved, together with their stories after the period (up to the death of the Duke of Wellington in 1852 as a cut-off point).

We will seek to make this material available by promoting the resource to
educational and archival institutions plus museums worldwide, and through the website of The Waterloo Association, whose activities such as The Waterloo Journal and UK-wide meetings will complement the unique and original research published in The Napoleon Series.

The Waterloo Association and The Napoleon Series is a partnership that will expand and develop over the coming years; a fitting legacy for the hard work put into the site by Bob and his team who remain as an advisory panel for the site.

If you have something you wish to contribute to the site, be it an account of a battle,a biography of a character from the period, or a review of a book or film, then please do contact us. We welcome contributions from anyone. Please see the website for details of how to contribute and help this important resource to develop. Aside from that, please do take a look around the many sections of the Napoleon Series website.