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Waterloo Association Trips

Waterloo Association Trips

Waterloo Association Trip

The Association regularly runs a trip abroad for its members.

The aim is for members to have an enjoyable and informative experience without it being an expensive undertaking. Indeed, no profit margin is built in to the costing and the guides do not make a charge for their time, so prices tend to be lower than many commercially run ventures.

Previous trips have included:

  • 2015: Waterloo – the route of the British cavalry to Quatre Bras from their bases in Flanders, Quatre Bras and Mont St Jean
  • 2016: Waterloo – The French perspective. The invasion route from Beaumont, the battlefields of Ligny, Quatre Bras and Mont St Jean
  • 2017: Waterloo – The Prussian perspective. Ligny, the retreat to Wavre, the march to Waterloo, the pursuit of Grouchy to Namur
  • 2018: Ireland – Wellington in Dangan, Dublin and Trim, the 1798 rebellion in Kildare and Wexford, the defeat of the French at Ballinamuck
  • Waterloo- a beginner’s guide. Ligny, Quatre Bras and Waterloo
  • 2021: We will be looking at Wellington’s actions after Waterloo, click for more information

For further information please contact Hon Secretary  John Morewood at

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