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Winter Lecture Series 2023/4 No7 Leith and the 5th Division in the Peninsula


In 1831 Sir Andrew Leith Hay published his account of the Peninsular War, in which he had served both as an exploring officer and aide-de-camp to his uncle, Major General James Leith, commander of the Fifth Division. He dedicated the work to this division, of which he wrote: ‘commanded by a general possessing the confidence of his army, as Lord Wellington did, and led as they invariably had been, there is nothing within the scope of human powers which might not have been accomplished by the 5th division.’ In her talk Carole Divall will seek to demonstrate that the division did indeed deserve the praise that Leith Hay bestowed upon them and that whether ascending the ladders at Badajoz, holding off the French at Villa Muriel or undertaking any of the other tasks required of them, they were indeed Wellington’s unsung heroes.


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