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Waterloo Remembered- Commemoration despite Covid


205 years ago, an estimated 60,000 men from across Europe died in a battle which came to define the Nineteenth century: Waterloo.

Commemorations for the 205th anniversary of Waterloo have, for obvious reasons, been cancelled. The podcast ‘The Napoleonicst’ is therefore bringing the commemorations to you, with a range of exclusive, free content between the 5th and 18th June.

These include:

  • 41 readings of eyewitness accounts from those on all side in the Waterloo campaign (one for every five years since Waterloo – one of the largest oral history projects ever attempted for this period)
  • Interviews with experts from around the world on wide range of topics – myths, memory, fiction, the international perspective, everyday life for soldiers, archaeology
  • Live tweets about what was happening during the campaign 205 years ago
  • A memorial service live streamed via the Waterloo Association Youtube page

All of this will be available for free via the podcast (just search for The Napoleonicist on Spotify, Google podcasts, or Apple podcasts).

Full details can be found in the attached flyer.