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Waterloo Association Winter Lecture Series


I am very conscious that with covid continuing, and dark nights creeping in we need to increase our offering to you our members. Despite being a technophobe, having been elected President of our Local History Society, I’ve had to get to grips with how we use Zoom and Eventbrite. This has helped me put together the infrastructure we need to run a winter lecture series for the WA.

I am very pleased that the following have agreed to run a series of talks for the Association. Each talk will involve a powerpoint presentation of 35/40 mins plus 15 mins Q&A. The presentations will start at 7.30pm and an email with registration details will be sent out after the Autumn meeting.

Note: If you are a member and have not received an invite to the AGM, check your spam folder first, then please contact us.

1) Wednesday 2nd December -‘The four battles of the Trafalgar Campaign, 1805 – New perspectives’ – John Morewood
2) Wednesday 16th December- ‘The War in the Mediterranean and the birth of combined operations’ – Gareth Glover
3) Wednesday 6th January – ‘The Congress of Vienna, The Turbulence & Legacy of Great Power Diplomacy’- Nick Lipscombe
4) Wednesday 10 February- Mike Robinson, author of The Battle of Quatre Bras etc. Subject: TBA
5) Wednesday 10 March – Andrew Field, author of ‘The French perspectives’ series. Subject: TBA

If anyone would like to offer a subject so we can extend the series, please do let me know.

John Morewood