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WA Winter Lecture 2023/4 No 3- French Army Uniforms of the 100 Days Campaign


This talk will explore and challenge the conventional thinking of how the 1815 infantry were uniformed during the 100 Days Campaign. Were they issued with new Bardin regulation uniforms or retained their old uniforms from the previous campaigns? Peter Cross will explain the background story that had a significant impact on the regimental commanders preparing their men for the operations in the field.


Peter Cross has been fascinated with the Napoleonic era for nearly five decades and has established a specialised library that has expanded his appreciation and understanding of the period. He is the author of many articles in First Empire and Age of Napoleon magazines on the Bavarian Army and the French Young Guard cavalry. More recently he has written articles on the 1815 French National Guard, 1815 French Infantry Uniforms and the 93e de ligne which have been published by the Napoleonic Historical Society and The Waterloo Association. He is currently working with Scott Bowden in co-writing ‘Napoleon: The Hundred Days Epoch: The Emperor and His 1815 Armies’ in five volumes. Their intention is to provide the Napoleonic community with a ground-breaking study of the 1814-1815 French Army.

This event is free for members and £5 for non-members.

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