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WA Winter Lecture 2023/4 N0 6 The Battle of the Nile New Perspectives


“Victory is not a name strong enough for such a scene” stated Nelson on the morning of 2 August 1798 after his comprehensive defeat of Napoleon’s Mediterranean fleet in Aboukir Bay. The action has been celebrated as one the Royal Navy’s greatest victories. But how much about it do we really know? Why did the battle last from 1-3 August 1798? Was Napoleon correct in blaming his admiral Brueys for the defeat and what underpinned Bruey’s strategy? These issues, and more, will be explored in this talk.


John Morewood is Secretary of the Waterloo Association and an editor on the Napoleon Series. He presents and writes on the military and political aspects of the period as well as guiding tours. He has a particular interest in the navies of the period. He co-authored HMS Vanguard at the Nile – the men, the ship, the battle for The Nelson Society.

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