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BRITISH LIBRARY The British Library at St Pancras is the national library of the United Kingdom and the largest national library in the world by number of items catalogued. There main catalogue for millions of records for books, journals,  printed maps, scores, electronic resources, sound archive items an extensive archive of documents and correspondence and electronically, newspapers, where the collection goes […]
The Internet Archive is a San Francisco–based non-profit digital library with the stated mission of “universal access to all knowledge. It contains online reproductions of 11 million books, including a number contemporaneous with the Napoleonic Wars. The books can be viewed and downloaded in a variety of formats. Many of the works are out of […]
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The National Archives (TNA) is home to millions of historical documents, known as records, which were created and collected by UK central government departments and major courts of law.
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When researching anything, be it family, local or national history, then a very useful first port of call should be your local library service.
The book follows the story of the British Army through all the conflicts from the 17th through to the 21st century, examining the infantry and cavalry separately.
Picton’s Division at Waterloo is a detailed analysis of a British Division in Wellington’s Army, looking not only at the role it played in the campaign, but how that campaign affected its constituent units.
Fighting for Napoleon is a unique study of the French soldier through their own letters, describing all aspects of life in the French army.
This book is a potted biography of a variety of soldiers, each one with a section on how to take such stories further.
Inside the Regiment provides us with a fascinating insight into the British regimental system from a very detailed and personal angle.