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New Video: Was Black Bob Craufurd a great general? A necessary Reappraisal: – by Gareth Glover

Was Black Bob Craufurd a great general? A necessary Reappraisal

Much has been written about General Robert Craufurd ‘Black Bob’ praising his strict discipline within the Light Division and his generalship. However, few men are heroes to their subordinates and it is certainly true that he had many detractors in his own division, but their voices are rarely if ever heard. Craufurd is rightly castigated for his actions during the Action on the Coa, but there are a number of other incidents which raise questions on his generalship. Following the recent publication of a hugely laudatory biography of Craufurd, perhaps the balance needs to be restored. Celebrated Napoleonic historian Gareth Glover looks at Craufurd anew.


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