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From Major Lord Charles Somerset Manners 10th Light Dragoons and aide de camp to the Duke of Wellington.

To Thomas Sydenham Esq at Charles Stuart’s Esq

Quinta de St Joao Wednesday

10 July [1811]

I take the liberty of writing you at Lisbon where I imagine you will arrive about the same time as this letter, to request you to have the enclosed given to my servant. I shall have great pleasure in hearing from you in answer, with a happy account of a prosperous journey, if you can only spare time for 3 lines.

His Highness arrived on Sunday; he is very gentlemanlike modest and unassuming. Lord Wellington seems to approve very much of him, and I hear he means to appoint him extra aide de camp.

Captain Cocks, who after his reconnaissance up to Montijo had gone to Alburquerque had a visit from the enemy; and appears to have pleased Lord Wellington very much by withdrawing himself and party though the French had come up between him and the British position. No other publick news, that has reached my ears worthy of your perusal.

I mean to have another day at lunches in company with Colonel Campbell , who proposes going over before his departure. He was a little out of spirits last night having heard of the melancholy end of Lieutenant Colonel Bevan with whom he had some acquaintance. The sincere reasons for Colonel Bevan making away with himself is not mentioned, but it is generally supposed to have proceeded from depression of spirits caused by the regiment under his command being one of those who ought to have prevented the escape of the garrison of Almeida – May you find a Captain RN who will give you as hearty a welcome with a more extensive knowledge of Comfort[able] cabins as our friend Marmaduke. Adieu; most truly yours C. Manners


PS The most favourable accounts from Lord March. I intend taking a pat of Windsor Soap as an apology for my second intrusion upon the general’s hospitality. A grand set-off at the Adjutant General’s. To the Prince of Orange today. Lord Wellington dines there.

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