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Captain George Grey RN letter to his wife Mary during the blockade of the Spanish fleet 1797


Victory off Cape St. Vincent 13 February 1797

My dear Mother,

I wrote to Mary, & to my father the day before yesterday saying that the Spanish fleet were out & that we might fall in with them. I have written Mary a hasty letter by this conveyance, telling her, I am firmly of opinion that the Dons will go into Cadiz; which I am, from what I have heard today from Nelson, who had joined us this morning & saw them the night before last. However as it is still possible we may fall in with them I cannot help writing you two or three lines like wise, to request of you not to let my dearest Mary think about it. I have but barely

time to write you what I have & will write again by the very first opportunity. With my most affectionate love to my father & Grandmother Hannah W. I remain my dearest mother your most sincerely affectionate son G W. Grey

PS I trust Harry is with you by this.

PPS You will hear it from other quarters, therefore I may as well tell you that we think we heard some guns from the Spanish Fleet about half an hour ago. They are very much afraid of us & I have no doubt but we shall give a good account of them if we must. Which I really think must be the case unless they run away. I do not know whether I am right in speaking this plain, but pray keep up my dearest Mary’s spirits &

do not tell her this till it is decided one way or other.

George Grey’s Will enclosed with letter to his mother (written on the day of the Battle of Cape Saint Vincent)