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“The Irish Wars: The Irish Against Napoleon”

No serious scholar of this turbulent period in the Army’s history should miss this series of talks hosted by the National Army Museum. Historian, Patrick Mercer OBE, will trace the conflicted loyalties of these turbulent times and show just what a debt King George owed to his fighting Irishmen.

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France’s Plans for Ireland: Invasions 1796-1798”Thursday 22nd July 18:30

In the 18th Century, Royalist France had made several plans to invade Britain by first landing troops in Ireland.  The threat had been very real in both the Seven Years’ War and during the American Revolution – an ambition which Revolutionary France adopted with gusto. This talk will examine French plans to land troops in Ireland and provoke rebellion against the Crown. He will explain the Protestant Wind, the maxim of always keeping ‘a pike in the thatch’ and the Castlebar Races as he outlines France’s plans to thrust a knife into embattled Britain’s back.


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The Irish Regiments at War 1806-1815”Tuesday 31st August 18:30

In the last of three lectures, Patrick Mercer will demonstrate how Irish troops were at the centre of every attempt to defeat the French and their allies in the last campaigns of the Napoleonic Wars. He will take us through more Irish triumphs than there’s room to write about.  He has one last twist in this great story, though.  If you want to find out about the Irishmen fighting for rather than against Napoleon, come to the lecture! 


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