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Colborne 52nd Regiment solders

George F Nafziger will be known to many already. Over the last forty years he has produced a mass of extremely detailed Orders of Battle totaling nearly 8,000 different OOB’s ranging from 1600 to 1945 and produced a number of books on various aspects of military history. Having retired, George donated his entire collection to the US Army Command and General Staff College. Some of this collection is available online, but not the Napoleonic collection of over 1,600 OOB’s. Therefore, George Nafziger has very kindly provided his complete Napoleonic collection to the Waterloo Association who have arranged for it to be placed on the Napoleon Series website to ensure that it is maintained for the future.

The Napoleon Series to the important and significant research source that it is today with over 20,000 informative and interesting articles. The Waterloo Association is pleased and honoured to be able to take over the management of this website and continue to develop it for historians worldwide.

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The Nafziger Collection of Napoleonic Orders of Battle