The Waterloo Association: Members Area

The New Waterloo Association You Tube Channel – a Request for contributions

We are enhancing our services to members by developing our technology platform. We now have a You Tube channel. It will hold podcasts (audio recordings) and videos. Some will be recorded and some will be live streamed. Our first video was The Revd. Stephen Fletcher’s live streaming of his Waterloo Service. We are now looking to add to our material, three examples are available to view and many more to come with your help. In every journal we will be announcing a new theme for which we will be inviting members to submit audio recordings. The one running from now to December 2020 will be: ‘About my ancestor who fought in the Napoleonic Wars’. So, if you would like to share information about your ancestor, as they say, ‘Maitland, now’s your time!’

Please note this is a service available only to Waterloo Association members only.

Most videos will only be viewable in the members zone not through a general YouTube search.

How to do this

Access the Members zone of our website (the password is contained within your journal). Click on the You Tube link. There, you will be able to hear a podcast on Corporal John Shaw amongst others, to give you an idea of what we are looking for. There is also a video ‘how to record a podcast’.

If you would like to contribute; a script should be sent to the editorial board via We will then help you with the project.  Please also send any illustrations if you have them, and we will try and incorporate them.

The Role of the Editorial Board

The editorial board comprises Alan Yonge, Gareth Glover, Owen Davis, Paul Brunyee, Will Fletcher, Zack White and John Morewood. The board has the final say on submissions including acceptance and making amendments to enhance the recording. Submissions are accepted on the basis that any copyright material has been cleared for publication by the contributor.