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Waterloo Association Trip to Waterloo 2017

Waterloo 2017 trip

In May this year the Waterloo Association ran a weekend trip to Waterloo looking at the campaign from the Prussian perspective. This involved looking at a lot of new ground as we looked at the Prussian retreat from Ligny, their march to Waterloo and the pursuit of Grouchy to Namur. Following the normal drinks reception at the Wellington Museum on the Friday evening Saturday saw 12 Association members visit Sombreffe (Blucher’s Headquarters on the night of 15th/16th June) and Ligny. We then followed the Prussian retreat to Wavre and the actions there and at Bierge.

We even found where Marshal Grouchy ate his strawberries! Sunday saw us look at the Prussian pursuit of Grouchy and the two little known actions around Temploux as well as the better known action at Namur. In the late afternoon we followed the Prussian line of march to Mont St Jean. Monday was a visit to Plancenoit and then we made our way home. We dined splendidly at Cote Vert, La brasserie du couvent and L’Amusoir and had great accommodation at Hotel ibis at Waterloo.