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About the Waterloo Association

An historical society for those interested in the Battle of Waterloo and the Peninsular Campaigns of the Duke of Wellington.

In 1972, the site of the Waterloo battlefield was under threat from a proposed motorway. The 8th Duke of Wellington, with help from a number of distinguished Belgian and British allies, successfully fought off the plan, but realised the need for an organisation to promote and protect the site for future generations, and so the Waterloo Association was formed.

The Waterloo Association now regularly contributes to the maintenance and preservation of existing monuments. The Association was responsible for the erection, and dedication in 2002, of a major memorial at Quatre Bras, commemorating the British and Hanoverian troops that fought and died there on 16th June 1815.

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Waterloo Association Membership Benefits

  • Free entry to The Wellington Museum at Waterloo.
  • An interesting programme of regional events and visits. Such as Waterloo and Portsmouth
  • Two talks a year in London.
  • Supports the Napoleon Series website which has over 20000 articles available to view.
  • The Association Journal which is published three times each year, in Spring, Summer and Winter and is posted to each member.

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WA Reception at the East India Club

We will be holding a social event for our Association members at the East India Club, St James Square, London on Wednesday 10 November commencing at 6pm and ending at 8pm. It will be a social event after the far too long period of isolation. Associat [...]


Waterloo Association trip – “Wellington and Marlborough invade France” 2022

UPDATE Rescheduled International trip to Belgium and France 2022 This trip was originally due to take place in 2020 and we have rescheduled it because of the regulations surrounding Covid. It is designed to follow part of the invasion route followed [...]

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