The Waterloo Assocation: Members Area

The Assault and Repulse of the Imperial Guard at Waterloo


As they rose step by step before us, with their red epaulettes and cross belts put on over their blue great coats, and topped by their high hairy caps, keeping time, and their officers looking to their alignment, they loomed most formidably, and when I thought of their character, and saw their noble bearing, I certainly thought we were in for very slashing work…

The South West Area of the Waterloo Association will be holding a study day on the above subject on Saturday 29 September 2018 at Leighton House, Westbury, Wiltshire. The day will look at the various interpretations, old and new, of this contentious and fascinating phase of the battle, examining the various conflicting accounts, eye-witnesses and historical interpretations, to allow members to come to their own conclusions about what really happened.

The event is open to all members of the Association, but by registration only. Attendance is restricted on a first come, first served basis. A small entry fee (not more than £7) will include coffee and finger buffet lunch.

Leighton House is a working MOD establishment; currently in use as the Army Officer Selection Board. Security arrangements will be sent to attendees. The house was built in 1800 and served as a convalescent hospital during World War II. It has been an army officer selection centre since 1949.

Westbury is near the beautiful historic city of Bath, has good transport links (especially rail) and is surrounded by outstanding countryside and various attractions (such as Longleat) to offer an interesting and relaxing weekend.

The day will be presented by Waterloo author and battlefield guide Andrew Field and battlefield tour company owner and Waterloo guide Robert Pocock.

The day will run from 10.30am to 3.30pm, and will include coffee on arrival, lunch and a quick tour of the historic house and fine grounds (time permitting).

Please register interest with Andrew Field at