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A Visitor to Devon
A VISITOR TO DEVON by Dr Hugh Wills At Sea in Plymouth Sound One careless word from Midshipman Home was all it took, and a gaggle of twenty white-frocked Brixham girls headed for the quayside. They mobbed the shore party and had to be man-handled out of the ship’s cutter, probably with some degree of […]
WATERLOO BY HORSE An account of a journey across the present day battle-sites of the Waterloo Campaign by horse. by Evelyn Webb-Carter- Chairman of the Waterloo Association Having followed many campaign routes over the years and been so involved in the Waterloo battlefield for nigh on 20 years it seemed obvious that I should try a […]
Wellington’s Combat Surgeon George James Guthrie by. MKH Crumplin MB BS FRCS (Eng and Ed) FHS FINS Hon. Curator at the Royal College of Surgeons of England; archivist to the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland In 1794, a distinguished Scots surgeon, John Bell pleaded for reform, “The situation of a military surgeon […]
Action between His Majesty's Sloop, Bonne Citoyenne, and the French frigate,_La_Furieuse
Ever since the beginning of the war with France in 1793, the Royal Navy had been used to land troops  on widely scattered and usually unhealthy coasts in the forlorn hope of making a decisive attack on the  French.